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Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis for Detection of Bacterial Population and Diversity in Amniotic Fluids and Neonatal Gastric Fluids.
Young Don Kim, Sun Nyoung Yu, Seong Chol Kim, Soon Cheol Ahn
Neonatal Med. 2013;20(2):189-198.   Published online June 26, 2013
A Case of Schinzel-Giedion Syndrome.
Kyung Hee Park, Sang Hyun Hwang, Shin Yun Byun
Neonatal Med. 2013;20(1):155-158.   Published online March 8, 2013
Changes in Birth Rate, Perinatal Risk Factors and Outcome in Newborns in Multi-cultural Family: Ten-year Experience in One Center.
Hae In Jang, Joon Sik Choi, Eun Song Song, Young Youn Choi
Neonatal Med. 2013;20(1):146-154.   Published online March 8, 2013
Growth and Neurodevelopmental Outcomes of Preterm Twins Conceived by In Vitro Fertilization.
Ka Young Choi, Ee Kyung Kim
Neonatal Med. 2013;20(1):137-145.   Published online March 8, 2013
Comparison of Clinical Characteristics of Preterm Twins: In Vitro Fertilized versus Spontaneous Conceived.
Ah Young Kim, Tae Min Um, Kyung Hee Park, Shin Yun Byun, Jae Hong Park, Dong Hung Lee
Neonatal Med. 2013;20(1):129-136.   Published online March 8, 2013
Meconium-related Ileus in Extremely Low-birth Weight Newborn Infants Meconium-related Ileus in ELBWI.
Ha Yang Yu, Jeong Eun Shin, Ho Seon Eun, Soon Min Lee, Min Soo Park, Mi Jung Lee, Myung Jun Kim, Ran Namgung, Chul Lee, Kook In Park
Neonatal Med. 2013;20(1):121-128.   Published online March 8, 2013
The Clinical Characteristics and the Neurodevelopmental Outcomes of the Neonates with Cerebellar Hemorrhage.
Curie Kim, Ga Young Choi, Se Hyung Son, Yoon Joo Kim, Seung Han Shin, Jae Myoung Lee, Ju Young Lee, Jin A Sohn, Jin A Lee, Chang Won Choi, Ee Kyung Kim, Han Suk Kim, Beyong Il Kim, Jung Hwan Choi
Neonatal Med. 2013;20(1):113-120.   Published online March 8, 2013
Partial Seizures Manifesting as Apnea Only in Preterm Infant.
Ja Kyung Jun, Cheong Jun Moon, Soon Ju Kim, Young Ah Youn, Ju Young Lee, Hyun Seung Lee, Jung Hyun Lee, In Kyung Sung, So Young Kim
Neonatal Med. 2013;20(1):106-112.   Published online March 8, 2013
Follow-up of Full-term Neonatal Seizures: Prognostic Factors for Neurodevelopmental Sequelae.
Soo Jung Lim, Ja Kyung Jun, Young Ah Youn, Chung Joon Moon, Soon Ju Kim, Ju Young Lee, Hyun Seung Lee, Jung Hyun Lee, So Young Kim, In Kyung Sung
Neonatal Med. 2013;20(1):97-105.   Published online March 8, 2013
Comparison of Outcomes between Prophylactic and Rescue Therapy of Surfactant in Premature Infants.
Ki Yeong Chung, Na Mi Lee, Sin Weon Yun, Soo Ahn Chae, In Seok Lim, Eung Sang Choi, Byoung Hoon Yoo
Neonatal Med. 2013;20(1):90-96.   Published online March 8, 2013
Neonatal Characteristic of Congenital Cystic Adenomatoid Malformation of the Lung Requiring Early Operation and Preoperative Intervention.
Young Eun Suh, Hyun Kyung Kim, Yong Sung Choi, Byung Sop Lee, Ki Soo Kim, Hye Sung Won, Pil Ryang Lee, Jae Yoon Shim, Ahm Kim, Jong Hyun Yoon, Dong Kwan Kim, Ellen Ai Rhan Kim
Neonatal Med. 2013;20(1):81-89.   Published online March 8, 2013
Risk Factors of Pulmonary Hypertension in Preterm Infants with Chronic Lung Disease.
Jeong Jin Ra, Soon Min Lee, Ho Sun Eun, Min Soo Park, Kook In Park, Ran Namgung, Chul Lee
Neonatal Med. 2013;20(1):75-80.   Published online March 8, 2013
Oral Ibuprofen versus Intravenous Indomethacin for the Treatment of Patent Ductus Arteriosus in Very Low Birth Weight Infants.
Jihyeong Lee, Minhwan Choi, Gyu Hong Shim, Young Hwan Song, Myoung Jae Chey
Neonatal Med. 2013;20(1):67-74.   Published online March 8, 2013
Myocardial Injury in Newborn Infants with Severe Metabolic Acidosis at the First Day of Life.
Seong Woo Nam, In Hak Lee, Gui Hee Lee, Young Ok Choi, Eun Hee Lee, Jeong Hee Shin, Byung Min Choi, Young Sook Hong, Chang Sung Son
Neonatal Med. 2013;20(1):58-66.   Published online March 8, 2013
Insensible Water Loss during the First Week of Life of Extremely Low Birth Weight Infants Less than 25 Gestational Weeks under High Humidification.
Se In Sung, So Yoon Ahn, Hyun Joo Seo, Hye Soo Yoo, Young Mi Han, Myung Sook Lee, Yun Sil Chang, Won Soon Park
Neonatal Med. 2013;20(1):51-57.   Published online March 8, 2013


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