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Volume 23(2); May 2016
Review Articles
Assessment of Circulatory Status of the Newborn in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Keiji Suzuki, M.D.
(p67-73)  Neonatal Med_23_2_67_73.pdf
Original Articles
Delayed Cord Clamping Compared with Cord Milking in Preterm Neonates
Ji Young Chun, M.D., Shin Ae Yoon, M.D., Ji Sook Kim, M.D., Yo Han Ho, M.D., So Yoon Ahn, M.D., Hye Soo Yoo, M.D., Se In Sung, M.D., Yun Sil Chang, M.D., and Won Soon Park, M.D.
(p74-80)  Neonatal Med_23_2_74_80.pdf
Pulmonary Outcomes of Early Extubation in Extremely Premature Infants (Gestational Age: 25–26 Weeks) with Synchronized Nasal Intermittent Positive-Pressure Ventilation
Eun Mi Choi, M.D., Jae Hyun Park, M.D., Chun Soo Kim, M.D., and Sang Lak Lee, M.D.
(p81-87)  Neonatal Med_23_2_81_87.pdf
Influence of Routine Probiotic Supplementation on the Incidence of Necrotizing Enterocolitis and Late Onset Sepsis
Sae Yun Kim, M.D., Hae Kyung Woo, M.D., Ee-Kyung Kim, M.D., Young Hwa Jung, M.D., Jiwon Koh, M.D., In-Gyu Song, M.D., Seung Han Shin, M.D., Han-Suk Kim, M.D., and Jung-Hwan Choi, M.D.
(p88-94)  Neonatal Med_23_2_88_94.pdf
Decolonization of Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus: Role in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Ji Won Koh, M.D., In Gyu Song, M.D., Sae Yun Kim, M.D., Young Hwa Jung, M.D., Seung Han Shin, M.D., Ee-Kyung Kim, M.D., Han-Suk Kim, M.D., Jung-Hwan Choi, M.D., and Ju-Young Lee, M.D.*
(p95-101)  Neonatal Med_23_2_95_101.pdf
Effect of Lights-Out at Night Time on Body Weight, Physiological Variables, and Behavioral Status in Premature Infants
Kyeong Nam Lee, MPH, Bo Min Seo, Ph.D.*, Deog Hwan Moon, Ph.D., Ga Won Jeon, M.D., and Jong Beom Sin, M.D.
(p102-107)  Neonatal Med_23_2_102_107.pdf
Neurodevelopmental Outcome According to Prenatal and Postnatal Growth Patterns in Preterm Infants
Jin A Sohn, M.D., Ee-Kyung Kim, M.D., Jin A Lee, M.D., Chang Won Choi, M.D., Han-Suk Kim, M.D., Beyong Il Kim, M.D., and Jung-Hwan Choi, M.D.
(p108-115)  Neonatal Med_23_2_108_115.pdf
Case Reports
Diffuse Neonatal Hemangiomatosis with Unilateral Cranial Nerve Palsy Improved by Propranolol
Sung Woo Kim, M.D., Ji Kyoung Park, M.D., Ga Won Jeon, M.D., and Jong Beom Sin, M.D.
(p116-120)  Neonatal Med_23_2_116_120.pdf
Enoxaparin Therapy for Arterial Thrombosis After Umbilical Cord Catheterization in Preterm Infants
Yoon-Joo Kim, M.D., Young Don Kim, M.D., and Jae Hong Choi, M.D.
(p121-126)  Neonatal Med_23_2_121_126.pdf
Congenital Hydrocolpos Mimicking a Mature Cystic Teratoma in the Pelvis
Mea-young Chang, M.D.
(p127-130)  Neonatal Med_23_2_127_130.pdf
Volume23, No 2
Volume 23, No 2
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