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Journal of the Korean Society of Neonatology 1999;6(2):201-207.
Published online January 1, 2001.
The Usefulness of the CRIB ( Clinical Risk Index for Babies ) Score as a Prognostic Indicator in the Very Low Birth weight Infants.
Jung Hye Kwon, Beyng Il Kim, Jung Hwan Choi, Chong Ku Yun
Department of Pediatrics, Seoul National University, College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea.
This study was aimed to assess the ability of CRIB score as a prognostic indicator in the very low birth weight infants (VLBWI) compared with gestational age and birth weight.
The medical records of 85 newborns <1,500 g of birth weight were reviewed retrospectively. CRIB score was calculated from six factors (birth weight, gestational age, the presence of congenital malformation, maximum base excess, minimum and maximum appropriate inspired oxygen concentration in the first 12 hours). Neurological rnorbidities such as intraventricular hemorrhage (IVH), increased periventricular echogenicity (PVE), periventricular leukomalacia (PVL) were evaluated.
The mean birth weight was 1,152229 g, average gestational age 293.8 weeks, average CRIB scores 5.3+/-4.14 (range 0-16). Mortality rate was 32% (27/85). Neurological morbidities were detected as IVH over grade II in 35 (41%), as increased PVE in 34 (40%) and as PVL in 9 (11%). CRIB score showed significant positive relation with themortality (P<0.05), but not with IVH, PVE, and PVL. CRIB score was a little better for the prediction of mortality than birth weight and gestational age without statistical significance (ROC of 0.784 with CRIB score, 0.708 with birth weight, 0.762 with gestational age). CRIB score was as good for the prediction of neurological morbidity as birth weight and gestational age.
This study revealed that CRIB score is a useful method to predict the mortality of VLBWI. It is necessary to reevaluate the usefulness of CRIB score with a larger number of VLBWI in the future.
Key Words: CRIB score; Very low birth weight infants; Mortality


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