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Journal of the Korean Society of Neonatology 1997;4(2):233-237.
Published online January 1, 2001.
The Effect of Congenital Gut Obstruction on Fetal Growth.
Hae Joong Yoon, Sang Hee Kim, Gwang Hoon Lee, Hyoung Won Lee, Kye Hwan Seol, Kil Hyun Kim, Seung Yeon Cho
The human fetus is primarily dependent on the placenta for its nutrition. However, as the fetus matures, it swallows increasing amounts of amniotic fluid, which contributes to the growth of fetus. Accordingly fetuses with congenital obstruction of the gut at high level have a reduced capacity for intestinal absorption of amniotic fluid. We undertook a study to investigate the effect of congenital gut obstruction on fetal growth.
A retrospective review of the records of all patients presenting congenital gut obstruction over 6-year period (from 1992 to 1997) in Chung-ang Gil hospital was performed. Patients with a complete proximal obstruction were included in group A; patients with incomplete or lower obstruction were included in group B. RESULT: 1) The ratio of male to female was 1.5:1. The mean birth weight and gestational age were 2.89+/-0.60kg and 38.7+/-0.20weeks. The mean birth weight and gestational age in group A were 2.68+/-0.69kg and 37.8+/-0.25weeks. The mean birth weight and gesnal age in group B were 2.980.54kg and 39.1+0.17weeks. There was significant difference between group A and B (P<0.01). 2) Significant differences were found between group A and B in prematurity and growth retardation rate (P<0.01). No significant difference was found between group A and B in associated anomaly rate (P>0.05). 3) In group A, 3 (42.8%) of 7 patients with associated anomalies had IUGR, whereas 8 (40.0%) of 20 patients without associated anomalies had IUGR (P>0.05). The corresponding figures for group B were 23.0% and 14.8%, respectively (P>0.05).
Congenital gut obstruction causes IUGR by reducing intestinal absorption of amniotic fluid and the effect of IUGR is more pronounced as the obstruction is proximal to jejunum rather than distal to it.
Key Words: Congenital gut obstruction, Growth retardation, Associated anomaly


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