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  |   20061301047.PDF
J Korean Soc Neonatol. May;13(1):47-57.
Copyright ⓒ 2006 The Korean Society of Neonatology Neonatal Medicine
The Study of Growth Measurements at Different Gestatioal Ages of Korean Newborn the Survey and Statistics
JJ Lee, MH Kim, KO Ko, KA Kim, SM Kim, ER Kim, CS Kim, DW Son, JW Shim
Committee of the Korean Society of Neonatology
Purpose:Currently-used growth chart in Korea is the one was devised by Lubchenco in 1963. The authors felt the needs of establishing a new korean growth chart. This study was performed to make the foundation of a newborn treatment by using the growth chart which takes into account gestational birth weight, height, head circumference, and chest circumference. Methods:The copies of newborn babies' medical records were collected from 51 hospitals across nation. The numbers of collected gestational birth weight from January to Jun in 2003 were 18,508. 18,427 were valid to be analyzed for birth weight, height, head circumference, and chest circumference. The growth charts were corrected by LMS method. Results:1) birth statics: The incidences of preterm baby was 9.1%, low birth weight was 8.0%, very low birth weight was 1.2%, and extremely very low birth weight was 0.3%, respectively. 2) The average gestational age was 38±2 weeks and average birth weight was 3195±526 g. Male growth curves were slightly higher than female's during all gestational age. 3) Gestational height, head circumference, and chest circumference: All of intrauterine growth curves were slowly increased during all gestational age. 4) Comparison: The birth weight of fullterm (40 week) baby was lighter than that of Alexander, USA in 1996. The other parameters were higher. The 10 percentile birth weight curve was drawn at the area as that of Lubchenco's 25 percentile, and 90 percentile curve was similar to each other. The height, head circumference, and chest circumference were higher than any other references in Korea. Conclusion:The authors concluded that this study - gestational birth weight, height, head circumference, chest circumference and the growth charts - can be used as the standard Korean growth chart. (J Korean Soc Neonatol 2006;13:47-57)
Keywords: Korean, Intrauterine growth chart, Weight, Height, Head circumference, Chest circumference
Copyright(c) By Korean Society of Neonatology. All right reserved.
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